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You can Go Home Again Chapter 6

Posted by carpechakram on August 28, 2009 at 7:06 PM

   Chapter 6


The horse sense of the good old days, was most likely possessed by the horse.



A few candle marks later, Gabrielle entered D'Annan's tent to find the tall woman going through some large cardboard boxes. Hearing her enter,D'Anna stood up and turned to face her

visitor, while lifting some papers ,and books out of one of the boxes. "Good morning, Gabrielle."


"Good morning, Mistress."


These boxes came from The Consortium last week. You said last night that you had a list

of what we can and can't keep after we break our ties with the "mother ship". Let's compare

our lists and see which one is better. They might have changed one since you left.



Gabrielle opened her notebook, removed a sheet of paper with the Consortiums' logo

on it, and handed it to D'Anna.


After a quick perusal of both lists, she handed them back to Gabrielle, finding both lists the same.


We should probably go through this list together, don't you think? "Yes", replied Gabrielle, as

She handed the list to the Liason, and quietly whispered, "Read away."






1. No 21st century clothes may be kept.


2. No 21st century appliances may be kept.


3. No 21st century food may be kept.


4. After the completion of all building, no 21st century tools may be kept.


If I play my cards right, I can slow those builders down, and we can keep the tools 'til the 22'd century, D'Anna thought.


4. continued?..Even though the tools may be kept, the fuel to run them may not.


Frak! Frak! Frak!

5. No books written in Earth English may be kept, except for the ones provided by the Consortium.


6. There is no #6.


7. A small first aid kit may be kept - until the supplies run out.


8. Sewing, and leather supplies may be kept - until they run out, or break.


9. You will be provided with crude weapons. When they break, you make your own.


10. Clothing will be provided at first..when it wears out - you make your own.




Gabrielle saw D'Anna sway as her knees begin to buckle. She got behind the woman before she hit the ground. The end result being the two women on the ground in a somewhat compromising position.


Gods, she's heavy. She must have a brick in each pocket?.maybe not in those pants.

"Are you alright Mistress?" Uh Oh the eye brow's up again.

Finally D'Anna spoke. " I think I need some time to digest all of this. Could you come back

again around supper time?you are invited to eat with me, of course."


Untangleling herself from the tall woman, Gabrielle, stood up and dusted herself off.


"Did you hurt yourself Mistress?'


" No Gabrielle, just resting a bit. Gotta catch those little rests when I can, and thank's for

trying to catch me by the way. "


"Just trying to keep you from getting hurt. Mistress, could I take that box of books the Consortium sent?"


"If you're going back to your tent now, I'll have the guard bring them right over, or you can look

at them in my office you know. it's got AC."


"I'm trying to get used to the heat, so I'll just look at them in my tent. I'll let you know at

supper if I discover anything interesting. See you at six."


She actually tried to keep my from getiing hurt.

to be Continued...

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